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The founder of Rose City Laboratories, Daniel Huson has a long and storied involvement with the cannabis industry. Initially using cannabis to treat cancer himself in 2004, he later owned and managed a medical cannabis dispensary beginning in 2011, during the nascent days of the cannabis industry. He then founded Rose City Laboratories with the dream of bringing integrity and dependability to the newly budding Oregon cannabis industry. The team at Rose City Labs has endeavored to continue this tradition of giving clients accurate and reliable test results in a timely fashion at a competitive price.

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Daniel Huson is no stranger to regulations, testing, and integrity. Twenty-two years in the aerospace industry with a top security clearance and zero margin for failure taught him that even the smallest details matter. In 2012, when he founded Rose City Laboratories in Portland, Oregon, he brought that same professionalism and integrity that underpinned his career at Boeing. After all, just like building and selling airplanes, producing and selling cannabis requires customers to have absolute trust in the products they buy and consume. Over the past eight years, Dan has led Rose City Laboratories to become one of the most trusted names in cannabis testing: serving growers, producers, and distributors by helping customers buy with confidence. State laws require that all cannabis products sold are tested to ensure they meet regulatory standards and allow consumers to know what they are buying. There are simply not enough testing facilities to process the existing volume of cannabis products, let alone the additional capacity to grow with the market because there is a severe lack of qualified analytical laboratories. Now, Dan is taking everything he has learned to newly legalized cannabis markets in California, Massachusetts, and Georgia, by opening testing labs with the benefit of solid cannabis testing experience. He created Britebox Labs with its first location in Dalton, Georgia, where he saw a lack of experience in cannabis testing. Dan’s focus on scientific best practices, exceptional customer service, and a dedication to professionalism will allow Britebox Labs to become the trusted name in cannabis testing, allowing business to stay compliant with state laws and consumers to buy with confidence.